Afternoon Sketches

Amber had her baby shower yesterday. I wasn’t invited, but it made things easier if I dropped her off. The event was in the Highlands where there are tons of cool stuff, so I took the opportunity to walk around. Had lunch, played some Ingress, and did a few sketches.


I love creative thinking and brainstorming. It feels good to get all the ideas out of my head and onto something tangible. One thing that always holds me back though is being too self-conscious of my doodling and drawing quality. It’s poor.

Never having invested much time in it while young, I feel like I could think a lot better if I had taught myself to draw more often.

For some reason I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’d draw a set of stairs. Like multiple times over the past several days.

Today I actually drew them.

A good first step?
A good first step?