Fat Habits

While on vacation I acted fat again. I didn’t run, in fact I barely moved at all. Every meal I ate more than I’d ever need because it feels good to be full. I was totally full every night when I went to bed.

I drank more wine and cocktails last week than I have in the last month. We had a bunch of sweet snacks on the counter I took to calling ‘the carb buffet’ and I sampled it often. I drank all the Dr. Pepper I desired.

It was super amazing for a vacation. But now I’m trying to get back into my normal flow of things and I feel off. Mind is blurry and body is slow. Stepped on the scale and its no shocker that I gained weight.

Need to forget these fat habits while they’re still new.


I’m getting kinda sick of cooking. I mean, don’t get me wrong – Blue Apron tries its hardest to make good food simple, but ever since Amber got pregnant I’ve been the primary cook of breakfast-lunch-and-dinner, not just breakfast and the occasional dinner. As such, I’ve made a list of foods I plan to eat while Amber is on vacation:

I’m very much looking forward to destroying my health in this glorious time.