A Quick Thanks

There are some things in my life that are just so great I know I’m not thankful enough for them. It’s easy to thank the one-time effort, but it’s the day-in day-out efforts that really make a life wonderful. So here’s a quick thanks to people I don’t thank nearly enough.

My Mom and Dad

Anything positive from me can assuredly be traced back to good decisions made by my parents. The more I try to better myself the more I realize I’m trying to be the man I think would make them proud. They taught me to seek out the best in the situations I’m given, to work hard, and to realize that some things just aren’t in my control (but more things are than I might think.)¬†Hopefully their grandparenting skills can help level out my sure-to-be-bizarre fatherhood too.

My Wife

I actually thank Ber a lot. She pretends to get sick of how often I tell her I love her and appreciate her. But it’s not actually enough. This woman is worth the world. I married up.

My Friends

I don’t have very many friendships, but the ones I have I care about deeply.¬†They’ve never let me down when I needed them and I hope they feel the same way about me. I’d gladly help more if I get the chance.

Thanks to all of you for everything. It’s appreciated.

Birthday Ingress

For Amber’s birthday she mostly wanted to hang out with friends. When our friends hangout we play Ingress. At Ber’s request, I planned a small bit of multi-layering downtown the night before. The operation went by smoothly and everyone had fun in the nice weather.

Everyone even wore blue shirts to support the Resistance! Totally unplanned!

In Louisville and interested in Ingress? Comment here, we can meetup and I can help get you started with the game. It’s something I enjoy.