Loot Theme Update

Made some changes to the toggled menu on mobile views. Centered up, padded, and more to my liking.



Next up is playing with what post information is displayed in archived views vs. single-post views. After that I need to nail down exactly how I want my custom front page to look on mobile and how that differs from the regular archive view on mobile.


Theme Development Tools

Just getting started to work on Loot, my first WordPress theme, and I quickly realized how little I’ve done in a local WordPress environment recently. Focusing on WordPress.com issues have made me much better and faster at troubleshooting for my job, but much squishier on working in WordPress core.

Thankfully, I still had MAMP installed and this post got me going with pretty much anything else I needed:

“WordPress Theme Development Tools” by Ian Stewart | ThemeShaper

It’s part of a complete tutorial on WordPress theme development to which I’ll keeping coming back.

My First Theme

One of my projects to finish out 2015 is to create a new WordPress theme. Getting more concrete than that has been hard – it’s clear I’ve never really worked on a design process before. To help get me going I started scanning through the theme directory for WordPress.com and speaking out loud why I liked certain themes.

I gained some traction once I realized the most compelling statements were not about any technical element, but how the theme made me feel. What the theme seemed to help inspire. Kind of like how Apostrophe makes me want to start a magazine, I want the theme I make to have the same effect on someone.

After some brain dumping (I dump, I don’t storm) it became clear that I’d like my theme to inspire gaming and fantasy – like D&D which I love so much. If my theme inspires even one person to blog about their gaming, or to game in the first place, it’s a success.

With that in mind I started wireframing. First, some mobile ideas…

mobile wireframes wordpress theme
Featured Posts will be important

And next, a front page reminiscent of a character sheet…

A few widget areas, and heavy on post content
A few widget areas, and heavy on post content

Obviously there’s a ways to go, but now I’ve got some near-term goals I work on to get the project running. Working name is “Loot.”