Flash Preparation

In a few weeks, Automattic will be having its 2015 Grand Meetup, my first. Part of the Grand Meetup everyday are tracks of “Flash Talks.” Everyone in the company gives a four-minute (maximum) talk on any topic they want. It could be WordPress- or Automattic-related, a funny story, something you love, something you hate… anything you want to […]



At the WordPress Louisville meetup this week I heard about a new tool, Engagely. We were doing a bit of show and tell and one site had a member signup form and included a Captcha. The room groaned, as you’d expect. No matter how useful they may be, people hate figuring out those warped letters and numbers. A couple […]

Trivia WordPress

Trivia at The Irish House

Originally posted on Gus Bus Trivia:
I’m away on business, but somehow found time to play trivia at The Irish House, with occasional help from Automatticians and some friends from Github who are also meeting up in town. Got 3rd place. 🙂 I was the captain of Team Jetmap during trivia tonight.