Packing Light

Amber and I are officially ‘on vacation’ – since I normally work Sundays, but today I am not.

We’ll be visiting Oregon for the next week and mostly living like locals. Lots of hanging out, walking around, and just basking in the joy of living are the highest priorities and we expect frequent changes of venue during the day. AirBNB rentals will be our home because I’ve had such good experiences with them on Automattic team meetups. We also plan to see the Portland “T2” USL soccer team play (scouting them out in case they meet Louisville City FC in the USL championship.)

Since we don’t really have too many specifics planned out beyond sleeping arrangements, we’re traveling light. Turns out for me that amounts to the following:

Packed up and ready to go
Packed up and ready to go
  • 4 days worth of clothes
  • Macbook Pro, Nexus 5 and their chargers
  • My Jetpack external phone battery
  • Knitting (starting on the front of my sweater since the back is now complete)
  • Book (Plan to start and finish The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, on my 2015 Reading List)

I find that small list incredibly freeing. The numerous options of ‘stuff’ that I face every morning at home are shed down to just a few small things, with a lot more new options to choose from when we arrive at the destination. Really needed this vacation for that clearing of my mind.