Games Technology

Stupid Twitter Tricks

If you start a tweet with the letters DM it makes Twitter send a direct message instead of just tweeting. Very sorry to the twitter user with handle @is who (multiple times) received a direct message from me when I was trying to talking about being a Dungeon Master (DM) in the context of Dungeons […]


Team Wheaton

Amber and I have crushes on Anne and Wil Wheaton respectively. She likes to say that we’re ‘like Team Wheaton but less famous.’ With that in mind, here’s a recent online conversation between the two: via Yes, we were on opposite ends of the house. | WIL WHEATON dot NET.



If you don’t follow @DerpPress on Twitter, I think you should. I spent several minutes laughing this morning thanks to some of their tweets. BuddyPress 2.3: Now with Companion style sheets. — DerpPress (@DerpPress) May 5, 2015 [WooSocialism, WooCommandEconomy sadly fold their protest signs, kick dirt dejectedly] — DerpPress (@DerpPress) May 19, 2015 @rmccue […]