Captain's Log

Captain’s Log Stardate February 2017

One of my main goals with having a blog is to record a bit of what’s changed. How I got from A to B. Like the log of a ship; or Jean-Luc Picard explaining why the Klingons are at it again. In the past I’d title these things like ‘quick update’ but giving it a bit of […]

Louisville Technology

Louisville dot io

Another new resource I learned about at the November Louisville WordPress Meetup was a community that’s growing at There you’ll find a directory of local tech conferences and meetup groups, and you can also become a member of the Slack team. If you decide to join the Slack, feel free to ping me in […]



At the WordPress Louisville meetup this week I heard about a new tool, Engagely. We were doing a bit of show and tell and one site had a member signup form and included a Captcha. The room groaned, as you’d expect. No matter how useful they may be, people hate figuring out those warped letters and numbers. A couple […]