The Famous 5-Minute Install

Today I created a new site proudly powered by WordPress.

Every other time I’ve fired up a self-hosted project, I’ve used a quick install like the one provided by BlueHost. This time, I wanted to learn something new so I went through The Famous 5-Minute Install.

Everyone should walk through the Famous 5-Minute Install at least once. It’s super clear, takes just a couple minutes more than the instant install, and gives you a tiny bit more clarity on exactly what’s happening. It’s sometimes nice to be reminded that all this software is really just a bunch of text files arranged in a particular way.

I broke the rules a bit (not apologizing.) I transferred all the WordPress files over FTP (step 4) and while I was waiting for that, I setup the database (step 2). Just made more sense to you. If you like rules you can wait the 30 seconds more. 🙂

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY