Shelby Park Renovation Expo and Open House

Living in Smoketown and working in Shelby Park, I really appreciate the initiatives taken to make our neighborhoods respected in the Louisville community. There are a lot of great people and ideas here, but people seem to discount both neighborhoods. Hopefully this event will be attended.

The compassionate culture of Shelby Park is particularly evident in the high number of shotgun and camelback houses that have been carefully rehabilitated and put back on the market—a rare occurrence in a city keen on replacing landmark structures with luxury hotels and surface parking lots.


The Park—a co-working space also owned by Access Ventures—will be open for public viewing. Located at 1229 South Shelby Street, this structure is perhaps best recognized by its mural: “Building something bigger than ourselves together.”

Broken Sidewalk || February 28: Renovation Expo & Open House will showcase progress in Shelby Park

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY