Dayton Chess Club

I mentioned yesterday that my trip to WordCamp Dayton was also my opportunity to visit the Dayton Chess Club. The speaker and volunteer dinner was hosted there and it was a lot of fun. I asked the staff if I could have a tour and they let me go downstairs to see the tournament room.

The building is an old St. Vincent de Paul construction, so it’s cement everywhere. Very sturdy, and best of all very quiet. Even with the loud conversation upstairs in the common area, you can’t hear it at all in the tournament room unless folks are right at the top of the stairs. Very nice environment for chess.

The walls have posters for top-level chess matches and chess-related artwork. Apparently there is a person in Dayton that owns one of the worlds largest collections of chess posters and art, and they keep rotating out a bunch of them for display at the chess club. Very cool pieces there.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY