Nerd Recovery

Most weekends are pretty dull. We keep them that way. We prioritise sleep, go to the grocery store, and if there’s anything special it’s usually D&D with our friends. This is life because 2-year-olds like nothing more than to ruin plans so it’s usually easier to not make them and put on hours and hours of Disney movies.

This weekend though some nice geekery came together.


After a pancake breakfast on Saturday, I decided the family needed an outing. We were out of dog food and while the snow storm hadn’t been too bad it was cold enough I knew we would mostly stay inside if we didn’t force ourselves out. We went down Preston Highway to Feeder’s Supply, but on the way stopped at Book and Music Exchange to browse.

Grace had a great time chasing us down the aisles, and picking up movies them back. For her pleasantness we got her a copy of The Lion King.

I purchased an A/C adapter for the NES system that’s been sitting idly in our entertainment center for a long time, and a couple games. Proud to announce the system is up and running! I’ve not tested all of the old games yet but I only had a little time Sunday morning to play.

Stranger Things 2

After such a big morning, Grace took a long afternoon nap. Amber and I took it as our opportunity to catch up on Stranger Things 2. We still have one episode remaining, but I’ve really enjoyed the series. Especially El being so resourceful.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It was getting to the point I was nervous I might not get out to see this movie in theaters. That just can’t happen with a Star Wars movie. Amber’s mom accepted a plea to babysit and we got to see the matineé today.

Holy cow did I love the movie. I don’t have the energy to write a review and I’m too late for that party anyway, but Ber and I have spent most of conversations the rest of the day about it.

Why This Is Worth Writing

Do things that make you happy. It’s okay to let yourself do thing that make you happy. I don’t feel this way most Sunday nights, but I feel pretty great right now. A bit of nerd recovery is totally reasonable.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY