Feeling Fat and Looking Back

We paid for a gym membership all 12 months of 2017. Turns out I only went during the first six months of that:

  • January: 10 visits
  • February: 13 visits
  • March: 12 visits
  • April: 1 visit
  • May: 4 visits
  • June: 6 visits

There may have been a couple more in that last half of the year that I didn’t record in my workouts note. But I know I didn’t go once from October to December and it doesn’t sound like me to workout and not record it.

It’s a trope to be thinking about this kind of thing in January, but I’m getting too fat again and who cares what month it is.

46 workouts isn’t really a high number. Plenty of people work out for 40+ hours a month and that’s all I did all year. One real workout a week is 52, so even that would be better than what I did last year.

I’ve also been stress-eating a lot and eating sugar way more than usual. It’s systemically a bad time for me and my body.

Looking into changes but right now I more just feel sorry for myself.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY