Titansgrave: #tablederp Edition

Tuesday is Titansgrave day! The cast made some fun faces during their episode “Danger at Reed Manor” last week, so I snapped some #tablederp screenshots.

I swear I’m not intentionally leaving out Hank Green on these Titansgrave posts. He’s a fun guy and I love his character, Aankia. But he doesn’t make silly faces very often.

Wil & Ryon Wheaton, and the cast of Titansgrave Live Panel

In addition to festivities at San Diego Comic Con proper, Geek & Sundry, Nerdist, and Smart Girls hosted a ‘Conival’ at Petco Park last weekend. I’m still catching up on all the videos, but I definitely enjoyed the Titansgrave panel from that event. One quote from Wil really stood out after a fan asked if Titansgrave could ever have a live stream episode:

I was watching Critical Role before we went into editing on Titansgrave. And I thought, “there is no way we’re gonna be as good as Critical Role. There is no way we can live up to this.” […] We just had to do something that was very different from Critical Role.-Wil Wheaton (at 51:20)

You might recall I’ve made that contrast as well.

Watch the whole panel discussion here: