The Ingress Storyline

My only beef with the game of Ingress is that the story is very confusing. It’s neat in a way, though. The story develops less within the scanner application, more using YouTube and Google+ and other websites – the way a story would be broadcast in real life nowadays.

That is, if anyone in real life used Google+ other than Ingress players.

But because of that, until you really start digging it can be confusing to know what’s going on. The more Ingress Report videos you watch, you realize that it moves at a slow pace along with the live events, called anomalies. So you kind of get the hang of the current situation as you level up. But I have no idea what’s gone on in the last two years.

An agent compiled this post of the Niantic-provided resources about the story and it looks to be very helpful, so I wanted to share it.

I’m hoping to get ‘caught up’ on the story by the time the #Persepolis anomalies get going. There’s one in Nashville, TN that I plan to attend. Find one near you from this list:

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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