Nice Things To Ask the Knitter in Your Life

I’m doing some of my fastest knitting ever while on vacation. I’ve finished the ribbing of my sweater’s front and have started the stockinette.

My fastest knitting ever
My fastest knitting ever

But it’s funny, because I casted on while on the plane and my flight attendant took a couple jabs at me. She noticed how lovely Amber’s socks were coming along (and they’re seriously awesome) but then saw my one row and said “what’s that going to be?” I told her I’m working on a sweater. “Hard to tell with how small that is!” Later on in the flight: “that’s going pretty slowly isn’t it?” And also a final “when is my sweater going to be done?”

I’m sure she meant all this as playful and human. But as a slow knitter who knits for peace, stress relief, and something to keep my jitteriness to a minimum during socially uncomfortable situations… I really didn’t appreciate it. This is the the fastest I’ve ever knit, and here’s someone with no clue how this works telling me it’s slow.

Rather than unintentionally mock me, there are a number of things this woman might have asked which each would’ve been accepted, appreciated, and lovingly referred to. Feel free to use these for the knitter whom you next run into:

  • What kind of yarn is that?
  • What’s that colorway called?
  • Is that for you, or is it a gift for a friend?
  • Did you get that pattern on Ravelry?

Every knitter will beam and answer each one of those questions and then be impressed that you asked such nice things. Bonus! If you can’t tell the difference between knitting and crochet (hint: needles vs. hook) these questions apply to both. So now you’re kind and you look smart. Win-win.

You could also compliment how fast their project is coming along out of principle.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

One reply on “Nice Things To Ask the Knitter in Your Life”

The putter downer syndrome … I like to think of it as a somewhat of a mental /social deficiency .. but then I have greed down as an illness too ? .. In situations like those I tend to put on the biggest cheesiest GRIN I can muster & while I’m waiting for the delayed reaction of my sarcasm to kick in .. The Cheshire cat grin I find is quite an effective deterrent for stupidity … seems to make them a wee bit uneasy … somehow 😀 😉

Oh & Love the knitting ❤ Awesome .. I haven't knitted in way to long 🙂

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