Gouda is one of my go-to cheeses. I told a group of Automatticians that Gouda was probably my ‘desert island’ cheese because it’s good in almost every context. I normally can’t get Edam back at home, but I knew it was similar to Gouda. When I saw some in the cheese counter at Kiva grocery in Eugene, I asked for a sample. So tasty! Very much the same texture of Gouda but with more culture to the taste, less butterfat to it.

We wanted cheese to go with eggs at breakfast and for snacking on too — so I bought 4 oz.

Ber's hand is swooping in to take her piece.
Ber’s hand is swooping in to take her piece.

This particular bit of Edam is from Uniekaas, a big cheese producer from the Netherlands best known for Parrano.

Normally Edam is coated in paraffin wax, but I didn’t see any thick, red wax when this was being cut for me. Perhaps they removed all the wax at one time earlier. But there was some sort of casing left which maybe was just the wax that was left. I only noticed the casing after I ate every last bit of the cheese first and almost ate the casing along with it in my excitement.

Ber enjoyed it too:

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