University of Oregon and the Museum of Natural and Cultural History

We were finally over the jet lag so Amber and I were ready for adventure Thursday morning. To kick off the day, we found a pretty great Ingress mission to tour University of Oregon. Throughout the campus, many trees have been planted to honor or memorialize people and events. The “Tree Fiddy” mission takes you to several of these trees and their plaques.

tree fiddy ingress mission university of oregon

You can also see the mission on the Intel map itself if you’re Ingress player. Since we knew there’d be lots of prettiness and less hanging out inside, we made sure to take the camera with us.

We also visited the Museum of Natural and Cultural History which is on campus.

After the museum (and lunch) we found ourselves close to Prince Puckler’s ice cream. More than one person had recommended it so we decided to treat ourselves.

I’m pretty sure Laura likes corgis and is not herself a corgi that often eats praline and cream ice cream. Though I like the imagery.

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