Our Last Day in Eugene

One of the spots on all the ‘lists’ of travelling to Eugene was the Fifth Street Public Market. Since we’re not really shoppers, we figured it be fun to see but it wasn’t a priority. We were able to fit in on our last day in Eugene and got some gifts for folks back home.

We walked through the Saturday market as well, but didn’t take pictures because of all the crowd. Ended up eating lunch at The Barn Light, where they correctly keep the bourbons on one side of the line, and the Tennessee whiskey on the other. (They asked me to post it to Instagram, but twitter will have to do.)

We got all of our stuff together, made sure we were all set at the train station, then heading to Cornucopia on 5th st to watch the Kentucky Derby.

I was rooting for Ocho Ocho Ocho, who came in 14th place. From the first post position, he wasn’t a likely contender. But I knew I would be excitedly yelling at the TV in the bar, and knew I’d make maximum vocal impact if Ocho Ocho Ocho won.

Kind of a close call to watch the race and not miss boarding our train. But we made it.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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