That Time My Wife Saved My Sojourner

Trying to head out the door this morning, I made one more check at my to-dos and phone notifications before we were on our way.

“I only have 44 more minutes to hack a portal,” I mentioned to Ber. I knew, because I use a timer to help me track my Ingress Sojourner medal.

“Something tells me you’ll be fine,” she replied, dismissing my concerns quickly.

Ber has the day off for Memorial Day so we decided we’ll mix up the schedule today and do some adventuring. I still want to work, but there’s WiFi in plenty of cool places outside of my house. We decided on Highland Coffee for our morning hangout and got there without issue.

We got coffee and a table. And I started working. Right into it — no thought about my phone or silly notifications. Amber logged into Ingress on a whim.

“Hey, did you hack a portal?”


I had 14 minutes left. I had never cut it that close before. Almost lost my 79-day hacking streak, and would’ve been forced to start over on the 360 days in a row required for the black medal. Thank you, Ber.

Ber captured the portal afterwards.
Ber captured the portal afterwards.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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