Resistance Win the Persepolis Anomaly Series

The Resistance defeated the Enlightened by only 429 points in this summer’s anomaly series, “Persepolis.” According to the announcement on Google+, this will almost assuredly introduce N’zeer technology into the (confusing) Ingress storyline:

The Resistance victory assures that Jahan will likely succeed in unlocking N’zeer technology in Persepolis, and the true power of the N’zeer will be unleashed. Will all of Jahan’s expectations be met, or will she encounter more than she bargained for?

Read the full anomaly scoring summary in this Google+ post.

I had planned to participate in the Nashville anomaly, but some last minute conflicts came up. Ber and I decided it’d be best to stay home. Our friends, agents Motamara and Kieleantra fought the blue fight and it sounds like they had a great time.

Congrats to all Resistance agents!

persepolis logo ingress

By Alex

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