Star Trek: Nemesis

Slowly but surely, I’ve been forcing Ber into the world of Star Trek. It was easy for her to enjoy the tv episodes of Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, but the movies from the Next Generation crew are so bad it’s amazing she hasn’t changed the WiFi password on me. For the longest time Netflix never had Insurrection, so the viewing had been halted. But once it got added to their library we watched it and tonight we concluded the era with Nemesis.

It’s a wholly ridiculous movie and you probably shouldn’t watch it. But here’s a deleted scene that just cracks me up:

You’re my boy, Wil.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

2 replies on “Star Trek: Nemesis”

I do like it, but in a nostalgia/fanboyish way. Watching Generations with my big brother was actually what turned me onto Star Trek in general, so First Contact was the first Star Trek event that was ‘mine.’ Subsequent viewings have reminded me that they’re not good movies – just movies that I enjoy for what they are. I think Insurrection does the best job of being a long TNG episode and First Contact the best job at being a summer scifi-adventure movie.

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