Running Smurfy

On Thursday my c25k training hit a new level. On week 5, day 3, there’s no walking breaks scheduled. You warmup, you run for 20 minutes, and you cool down. I ended up taking some walking time to catch my breath, and I didn’t hit the 2 mile distance that I’d like to with a full 20 minutes of running, so I plan to step back and week 5, day 2, on my next run and give my muscles a better shot at my next attempt.

But I really enjoyed my Ingress scanner during the run because it looked like this the whole time:

Run in the blue, feel the blue, be the blue
Run in the blue, feel the blue, be the blue

Some genius agents made a field that covered the whole of Louisville and its surrounding area.

Well done, agents.
Well done, agents.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

One reply on “Running Smurfy”

BAFs (Big Ass Fields) take a lot of preparation and work and quite a few agents on the ground inside the field to clear lanes for the links. I’ve been both on clearing duty (operating the comms for my team) and created a few layers of a BAF myself, earning me the Onyx “Mind Controller” badge. They’re a lot of fun to be part of.

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