Running Smurfy

On Thursday my c25k training hit a new level. On week 5, day 3, there’s no walking breaks scheduled. You warmup, you run for 20 minutes, and you cool down. I ended up taking some walking time to catch my breath, and I didn’t hit the 2 mile distance that I’d like to with a full 20 minutes of running, so I plan to step back and week 5, day 2, on my next run and give my muscles a better shot at my next attempt.

But I really enjoyed my Ingress scanner during the run because it looked like this the whole time:

Run in the blue, feel the blue, be the blue
Run in the blue, feel the blue, be the blue

Some genius agents made a field that covered the whole of Louisville and its surrounding area.

Well done, agents.
Well done, agents.

By Alex

Web Developer. I also love board games, Dungeons and Dragons, and drum corps.

One reply on “Running Smurfy”

BAFs (Big Ass Fields) take a lot of preparation and work and quite a few agents on the ground inside the field to clear lanes for the links. I’ve been both on clearing duty (operating the comms for my team) and created a few layers of a BAF myself, earning me the Onyx “Mind Controller” badge. They’re a lot of fun to be part of.

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