In our primary roleplaying campaign I’ve been DMing. But in addition to our standing game, Amber has decided to start DMing some one-off games every once and a while. Instead of the same party of adventurers travelling together through thick and thin, in these one-offs the party will be made up of any folks who can play that week. We’ll work through one short quest or dungeon crawl that can be wrapped up in one session so that there’s no scheduling a day where everyone has to come back.

For our first one-off we have a lot of new folks joining us. It’s weird because (aside from Ber) I’ll know more about what’s going on than anyone. For that reason, Ber has asked me to play a spellcaster since managing spells is harder on new folks and it’ll help balance the party if I make sure we have at least one. pathfinder core rulebook

We’re all going to play second-level characters and we’ll be using the Pathfinder game system. Here’s a few character ideas I thought of:

  • Human Inquisitor who worships Gozreh
  • Half-Orc Bard that runs a travelling troupe
  • “Tower” Elf Wizard

I only learned of the Inquisitor class tonight, but loved the idea. It’s kinda like being a cleric in that you serve your deity, but you’re willing to bend the rules of the church to fight the church’s enemies. But since we’re only starting at 2nd-level, the Inquisitor doesn’t really get many spells per day so maybe it’s not the right fit.

The half-orc bard is blatantly stolen from Scanlan Shorthalt’s backstory on Critical Role. I wouldn’t name him Dr. Dranzel or mention Scanlan, but that was definitely the inspiration. This is probably what I’ll end up playing because I always sing in real life. Being a bard is in my blood.

A ‘tower elf’ is one of the racial sub-types for elves. Basically they’re elves that study wizardry in the time honored-tradition of locking themselves up in a tower full of spellbooks along with other elves doing the same. You gain some advantages when it comes to the arcane, but you’re also a weirdo recluse only now going out into the world — so there ya go.

By Alex

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