Wil Wheaton on Nerdist

Wil Wheaton and Chris Hardwick
Wil Wheaton and Chris Hardwick

Normally I listen to the Nerdist podcasts when Amber isn’t around. She says they’re indistinguishable from “Bob and Tom” because most of the episodes are just the guys laughing. But this one is so different because it has Wil Wheaton in it! And the guys laughing is only like 1/3 the episode!

I still listened to it when she wasn’t around to be on the safe side. But I really liked this episode, so I’m sharing it. In particular I liked the bit where they all confess the popular movies/tv they haven’t experienced. Mostly because I haven’t experienced anything popular.

Enjoy your burrito.


By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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