IBM Watson Personality Insights

Watching an episode of The Flog, Felicia Day’s webseries, I heard about the IBM Watson Personality Insights analyzer. By entering in some text, Watson attempts to a do a personality profile of you. I usually find these sort of descriptions silly, but I decided to have some fun with it.

Rather than write in a chunk of text on the spot, I took some text from my blog. I wish I could’ve just given them my RSS feed to analyze, but instead I copy and pasted in the content of my three most recently published posts (at the time.) So it’s really more an analysis of how I portray myself on my blog, rather than an analysis of me.

But since my blog is totally restricted to text (and media, but you get my drift) I actually consider this more likely to be fair. It’s not who I am – but it is how others perceive what I write. Let me know what you think of the results!

Your Personality*

*Compared to most people who participated in [IBM ‘s] surveys.

You are sentimental.

You are empathetic: you feel what others feel and are compassionate towards them. You are altruistic: you feel fulfilled when helping others, and will go out of your way to do so. And you are laid-back: you appreciate a relaxed pace in life.

Experiences that give a sense of connectedness hold some appeal to you.

You consider both achieving success and helping others to guide a large part of what you do. You seek out opportunities to improve yourself and demonstrate that you are a capable person. And you think it is important to take care of the people around you.

Data Behind Your Personality


Visualization of Personality Data


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