Fake Away

A state of flow is always something to be desired. How you get there is a path you’ll need to discover on your own. But perhaps your path will look something like mine.

Put  headphones on to keep the rest of the room out. Turn on some music and put it on loop – something instrumental or maybe an album you’ve heard a million times. Nothing new or interesting that will pull your focus. Keep the volume down lower than you’d expect.

Turn your phone to silent for the next two hours. More if you like, but two hours is a good start. Set all your communication to away.

You’re still there, but you won’t get nearly as many alerts, boops, or pings. It’s fake away.

Next – do just the first one. Just the first email, the first sentence, the first thing that you’re about to do a lot of.

And keep going. Let the flow take you away.  Just fake away.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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