Happy birthday. Twenty-seven was an exciting year:

  • Got married in October
  • Became a full-time Automattician just 10 days later
  • Bought a car in February
  • Became an expectant father in March

Some may see that many big changes happening all at once and call it irresponsible or stressful. But truthfully I feel more secure, happy, and focused than ever before. Each decision was made with great care and intention. And it seems like twenty-seven was just a great big wind-up for twenty-eight.

The new family member will of course be the most important event of my next year. It’s an odd feeling knowing that very soon I’ll willingly move my priorities away from my wife and I and onto this new little human. And even now my decisions have obviously begun to shift.

Over the last year I’ve found almost all my successes to be the result of studying my daily habits and the weaknesses that might cause me to break them. Babies aren’t fond of keeping to my timetable, so we’re certainly going to test my ability to stay loose and adjust. Perhaps more important is that I’ll need to firmly stick to a few principles that already guide most of my decisions.

Family Is Top Priority

My child and my marriage are the most important things in my life. The tasks a family asks of you feel large because you understand the weight of their importance. But each task in itself can be accomplished with the will to do it. My parents worked hard and had three kids at this age. Something tells me that I can do my part for my little family with the same effort.

Work Is a Good Thing

Unlike some work I’ve done in the past, there’s really no downside to the work I do now. It keeps me learning and growing. It lets me help thousands of people pursue a passion that I myself enjoy. It lets me produce at the time and place I find best suits my family’s needs. And of course, it pays the bills. Some poor souls spend their working hours helping to accomplish a goal they care nothing about – I do not have that trouble. The hours I will spend working this year are honorable and worthwhile.

Health Makes Everything Better

I’ve been a runner for almost three months now. I’m not very good at it yet, but I can already see how it makes me feel better. After a run I can breathe clearer, sleep deeper, and handle a longer day. Making better food choices only multiplies this feeling – but that’s a skill I need to improve upon. My point is, a choice for a health is a choice for a better life. My family and work can both make better use of me when I’m at my healthiest.

Happiness Comes Simply

Creative pursuits like blogging, drawing, and writing the stories for my D&D group are incredibly fulfilling and bring me great joy. Going out for meals and drinks, or purchasing new things and tickets for events are less fulfilling and cost much more. More and more I’ve learned to save the money I earn and spend my time on these fulfilling things instead of spending the cash.

These principles are simple, but not easy. We’ll see how well they stand up to the test of a year.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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