Timeline: Americana

For my birthday, my sister gave me Timeline: Americana. The games in the Timeline family are all trivia games where you need to know (or estimate) the year in which significant events took place. You can learn the game in less than a minute, play it in less than 15, and smack yourself in the head several times for not remembering that Marty Mcfly invented the skateboard in 1955 so of course the first one sold was in 1956 get it together, Alex.

Don't let the picture of me fool you - my mom beat me.
Don’t let the picture of me fool you – my mom beat me.

The components are well-done for this little game. The box and insert protect the deck well and the cards are of good quality. It should stand up to the rigors of many plays, even with kids – unless they don’t yet realize that bent cards are less fun than straight cards.

Though it only has one game mechanic, it is a solid one for the trivia genre. When I was still hosting Gus Bus Trivia my final round questions were usually a “put these four things in order” and this game feels like an extended version of that.

Overall it’s fun and quick. Even when your mom beats you.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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