Roy Dotrice on Game of Thrones

On our way to and from Fort Smith, Arkansas, Amber and I listened to A Game of Thrones on audiobook. It’s such a cultural touchpoint now, but we’re both very behind on the books, the tv series, everything. I have only seen three episodes of the series, and Ber has seen the first season of the series. Neither of us have read the books.

Even with twenty-two hours of driving, we still only ended up listening to half the book. It wasn’t from lack of trying, it’s just a very long audiobook! But it was a totally awesome experience. Roy Dotrice is an incredible talent of voice acting and the characters really came to life. To an extent, I’m glad I started with the audiobook instead of reading. Though now it’s been several days and we’ve not continued listening so we might need to read to finish it.

Looking up more about Roy Dotrice, I found this interview and especially enjoyed it.

He seems so sweet and caring. His love of George R.R. Martin’s work really came through in his performance and it sounds like it comes from a genuine place.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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