Lunarbaboon and Another Take on Kicking Babies

Relevant to yesterday’s note on kicking, here’s a comic from lunarbaboon that made Ber and I both laugh.

“Proud” by lunarbaboon

"Proud" by lunarbaboon.Whoa that was a big kick! Looks like we've got a little soccer player. Whatever you decide to do I'll be proud of you. Man arrested for kicking 18 people in the face.

I actually spent a solid hour of my Sunday reading the comics at Laughing never really stopped and I kept needing to hand over the computer to Ber. “But you’ll love this one!” I’d say. “Ooookay,” she’d say reluctantly taking the computer. Then a moment later she’d laugh out loud too. This happened over and over. Eventually I had to promise to stop disrupting her reading with these moments of awesomeness.

So yes, I’d recommend you go read the comics too.

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