The Stonecutter Samurai

I was fortunate enough playtest and to be Dungeon Master for a group playing “The Stonecutter Samurai.” Payton did a great job writing the story and it was exciting to play. I recommend you check it out for your gaming group!


Once a year Automattic gathers all its employees together for a week of projects, learning, and adventure at an event called the Grand Meetup. This year I wrote a D&D adventure to share with my friends and co-workers, most of whom had never played a tabletop RPG before. It’s now been run seven times (four by me) for a total of 26 players (two even played the game twice!).

Here’s the teaser text:

In the country of O’Taki, there exists a feudal hierarchy of Dwarf lords in the style of old Japan.

As the Emperor’s Prime Minister Okanama ages, a rivalry has arisen over who will take his place. Several factions vie for control. The leader of the most influential faction, the retired General Buren Tomogawa (also known as the Stonecutter Samurai), has fought to keep power away from his strongest rival, Yomo Ishin, a powerful noble whose detractors claim deals…

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