November Louisville WordPress Meetup

The trouble with a flexible schedule is sometimes you don’t flex them the right way. In the last six months I’ve tried to become more active in the Louisville WordPress meetup group. However, I’ve only made it out there a handful of times. Partially it’s because it’s on the east end, but mostly its because I don’t prioritize it like I should.

With each time I find I get to learn something and help share something too. It’s a good experience for people of varying experiences to meet and discuss like this because we all have a unique perspective on things. For instance, even in my short time attending I’ve seen an increased interest in not only WordPress site security, but general technology security. I mentioned a password manager once a while back and got chuckles as a response, but tonight they got mentioned along with some other security tools and the crowd seemed engaged.

This month we had a presentation on top of our normal rounds of discussion. Martin Hofmann presented an introduction to CSS that moved quick and grabbed a lot of interest. Thanks to his efforts I’m sure the attendees will feel more confident tinkering with their sites’ CSS – or they at least have some good ideas to Google for next time. We all do it! You can check out Martin’s site at .

During a question-and-answer I got to learn a new function from the codex. I’d never used the get_post_meta function before, but that in combination with a custom field ended up being a great solution for someone who wanted customize some page’s entry header text while still keeping the original page title in place.

Joining the Louisville WordPress Meetup is free and open to the public. It’s currently hosted on the second Tuesday of every month at Mirazon Group, and organized by Scott Hack.


By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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