Panther from Rhinegeist Brewery

I’ve been in porter & stout mode since August. I imagine the cravings I was going through is what some folks experience from lack of pumpkin beers (though I can only assume.) Whenever I saw a porter or stout available, I snagged it. We’re finally approaching that time of year when even grocery stores have plenty of heavy, malty options.

2015-11-17 20.13.54

Rhinegeist is a Cincinnati-based brewery that I’ve come to appreciate consistently. I still haven’t tried all their cans, but as I see new ones I usually grab a sixer. This is the first I’ve seen of their Panther Robust Porter and I purchased it with no hesitation.

Robust is an excellent word for it. The flavors are a mingled variety of earthiness and has a rich mouthfeel. Richer even than the West Sixth Christmas Ale, though it’s only half the alcohol by volume. It’s heavy, in a good way. You get some bubbly finish but man it’s beer worth lingering on.

Drink it slow, and you’ll enjoy it.

I rated Panther by Rhinegeist Brewery 4 out of 5 on Untappd.


2015-11-17 20.15.59
Obligatory picture of Panther with my panther.

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