Campaign Complete

It’s like finishing a really good book.-My friend Kirsten after tonight’s game

It’s an odd feeling to finish this campaign. Our group started playing Dungeons and Dragons together two years ago and I never would guessed it would become our regular thing. The friendships have stayed close and we all liked gaming, so this every-other-week role play has turned into the highlight of my social schedule. This campaign finishing up is ending the first chapter of my Dungeon Master career.

Seeing the story complete makes me so proud of what we made together. So many moments paid off. Everyone was smiles and laughs at the end. Some thought they might die during the final battle. When it was all done we all just stood around in the glow of how cool it was.

It’ll make our fresh start in 2016 all the better.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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