The Sustaining Heart of the WordPress Community

I like Treehouse. Most of the education that got me ready for Automattic, the first job I’ve felt truly suited me, came from lessons there. But I think this was a bad move on their part. Zac is handling this well and I’ll be looking for his resources because he’s a skilled teacher. I encourage you to do the same!

WordPress Educator Zac Gordon

This last week has been quite a week for me.  Treehouse, The online learning company where I have been teaching WordPress for the last 3+ years told me that they were going to stop teaching WordPress, give my salary to a .NET teacher, and fire me.  That was Monday.

On Friday the same week, WordCamp US started.  Between Monday and Thursday I knew I had to come up with some new idea of how to support myself and then get to WordCamp US to connect with the community about the idea and see if it would work.

My idea is simple, keep teaching WordPress.  I have been teaching WordPress long before Treehouse and apparently I will be teaching WordPress long after Treehouse too 😉

What I really want to share in this post though is the love and support and sustaining energy I felt from attending WordCamp US, sharing my idea with people, and getting their feedback.

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