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Photos of My Daughter

Over the weekend we got a belated Christmas present. Our daughter, Grace, was born. However, if you follow my inane postings on social media, you’ll notice they’re largely text and only mildly worth seeing.

I wrote about this before, but figure it’s worth a reminder. For the most part, we won’t be posting pictures of Grace on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Other folks (friends/grandparents) will do more I’m sure, and we’re not going to hassle them about it. It’s just hard to predict exactly what will become of all the data we put onto the web by the time Grace is old enough to have an opinion about it.

With certainty I can say I’m very happy my baby book is not open and available for the internet to see, even though I’m sure there were friends and family who wanted to see more pictures of me when I was a baby. Just because we can make photos more available to everyone doesn’t mean we automatically should. Not putting our photos on facebook everyday doesn’t mean we’re hiding our daughter from her grandparents, we just don’t prefer that medium.

However, I’m not sure of a solution that really fits all the new social norms and still satisifies this desire of mine. We still posted a picture to make the birth ‘facebook official’ and I totally approved of grandparents posting pictures of them and the baby on social media as well. For my part though, I plan to keep most of the pictures at least partially obscured away. When Grace is old enough to have an opinion, we can always open them up to everyone if she’d like that.

If you’d like to see pictures of Grace, we’re blogging them at .

You’ll need a password to view any of the posts, but we’re happily providing access to any friends or family. If you don’t have the password but would like it, just contact me in real life or use the contact form for the photo blog.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

3 replies on “Photos of My Daughter”

Congratulations to you both, Alex. Enjoy every moment with your baby daughter – Tempus Fugit!
I totally agree with your decision not to post baby pictures on social media. Myself and my wife have 4 young children – no photos of them on Facebook. Our relatives don’t either at our request and they know our reasons why.

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