Using WordPress Child Themes

Last night I gave a short talk at the WordPress Louisville meetup. The idea of child themes had been mentioned tangentially during other talks, but I thought I’d explain them head-on for a few minutes. My slides (including the couple videos) are in the Cloudup stream below, along with a few links.


  • Codex page for Child Themes
  • Use Child Theme on Github (hat tip to Jon Penland)
  • _s , Sage, and Bones (starter themes, not meant to be parent themes)
  • Some questions were about how you’d use themes built on frameworks like Genesis and those are good examples of Child Themes. Genesis as a framework would continually update, the child theme you prefer that uses Genesis would want to inherit those changes, and you might then make a child of that child theme for personal tweaks.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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