Quiet With Reason

I’ve been pretty head-down for a while now. I’ve been quiet about it because there’s not an easy way to talk about it.

We just bought a house and among other small improvements we had to replace the A/C system. Our emergency fund took a big hit and we’re now feeling way less secure than we normally would.

Grace had surgery and will be in a double hip spica cast for a minimum of 6 weeks. Not only is that more bills to pay, it’s a huge impact on how hard the day-to-day is.

At work I’m on a team rotation where I’m learning a ton of new stuff, but I need to think twice as hard to get a similar amount of work done. Trying to make the most of it while balancing everything else has proven difficult, even if I love the work itself.

a8c Grand Meetup is two weeks away. There is a lot of energy that goes into that.

WordCamp Louisville is 72 days away. There is a ton of work to get done before that.

Photo on 8-30-16 at 8.45 PM.jpg

On the plus side, I stepped on the scale the other day and I weighed in at 235. That’s the lightest I’ve been since my freshman year of college. I’ve not been working out the past month with all the other stresses throwing me off schedule – but am now working on kettlebell training at home which I’m hopeful will be a good long-term regimen for me.


Also on the plus side, with all those hardships still come some amazing benefits. Even when work is hard, it’s a great job where I’m appreciated and feel good about every minute spent doing it.

Grace doesn’t care about the surgery or cast, she only cares about the attention we give her. So in a way she’s happier than ever. She’s also sleeping better.

The house proves everyday to be a good choice for us, even though that one unexpected expense was a little daunting. And even though the emergency fund is skimpier, we’re not about to hungry any time soon (though we may say “No” if you ask us out to eat.) It’s the right size, in a great neighborhood, and fit our budget well.

Yeah, being quiet and head-down can be good too.


By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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