Freeloadin’ Cat

There’s only one toy my cat, Bagheera, regularly enjoys – his fake mice.

Look at him going to town on that purple mouse.
Look at him going to town on that purple mouse.

And I truly believe those are his favorite toys because he enjoys hunting. He chatters at birds out the window all the time.

Last October, he staked out a faux fireplace in our house for two hours. When a mouse finally popped his head out, Bagheera snagged him by the claw and flung him across the room. I saw the whole thing. We started to say he was earning his keep.

Until today.

Last night we heard the mouse scratches. Early this morning, Bagheera was hunting down the mouse but was unsuccessful. Tonight, I finally caught a glimpse of the mouse and kept him cornered. Amber brought Bagheera into the room, and we were ready for the magic to happen.

Bagheera stared at the mouse. Nothing. No panther-like growl. No quick flick of the claws. He stared at the mouse, blinked, and walked away.

Amber killed the mouse with her science skills.

I’m thinking the cat needs to start paying rent.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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