Joyously Blind to Haircuts

I’m aware of the idea of a bad hair day. People talk about them as something commonplace and often unavoidable. But I don’t recall ever having a bad hair day. Similarly, people get bad haircuts. I’m reminded of the Cory Matthews’ Haircut Cycle of Shame on Boy Meets World. But I don’t remember ever having a bad haircut. And there were years when I cut my own hair!

This is not to say that I’m blessed with magical, perfect hair. Rather, it’s something to which I’m blinded. How my hair is looking or how well my haircut was done isn’t something I think about, much less mention to others. Certainly there have been days my hair looked horrible and my haircut was poor, but I was blind to it. For me it may as well have been a great hair day.

Knowing that how we think doesn’t have to match the reality of the thing can be a blessing. It brings me joy not to think about the goodness of my hair that day. Ignorance is bliss.What else could I ignore to be happier? I’ll take that deal most every time.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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