Derek Sivers on Simple vs. Complicated

But if you talk with people that love running, they’ll say, “Yeah! You just pop out for a quick run.” And if you ask them about the steps involved, they’ll say, “There’s just one. You just run.”Derek Sivers on the Tim Ferriss Podcast

I love this example Derek uses to explain how humans tend to think of simple vs. complicated the same way they think of easy vs. hard.

People who hate running can list off all the steps of running and why each one is a huge pain. People who love running think nothing could be simpler.

Listen to his full story at 21:55 of this episode of the Tim Ferriss podcast. Or listen to the whole thing like I did – a great listen during a run!

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

One reply on “Derek Sivers on Simple vs. Complicated”

I listen to this podcast episode every few weeks. This episode has so many gems. My top pick is the definition of success; the best I have ever heard from anyone/where. I liked it so much that, I made it my life motto!

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