Another Day, Another Deadlift


Second trip to the new gym. Deadlifts and overhead presses plus walks there and back.

Made some decent choices about food – the only irresponsible thing being a trip to Dairy Del in the evening.

Grocery shop, dishes, laundry folding, straightening up the house all as a matter of course.

Tons of time with Grace today since it’s the weekend and Ber had an event to attend. She’s getting a lot better at playing with toys of her own accord. We haven’t even be trying to potty train and she apparently figured out how to do that on her own to our pleasant surprise.


The last episode of Cortex, Minimum Viable, was so freaking good. Made even better today when listening to ATP. I audibly snorted at the reference to fanny packs.


Been re-reading a bunch of classic MMM articles recently. Also a lot of re-visiting Apprenticeship Patterns as I think I’m at somewhat of a milestone in position at Makespace and needed to remind myself what road I’m on. I finally got started on Walter Isaacson’s The Innovators and I’m not far into it but really did enjoy the section on Ada Lovelace.

Back at the Gym

UofL has a small gym about a 15 minute walk from my house. We’ve meant to join it ever since we found out just how much cheaper it is than the Y. We finally joined on Monday night.

Tonight was my first workout there and I had a blast. The walk itself is just enough time for warmup and to think through what I want to get done. Since this was my first time working out there I first walked around the place, just to feel more comfortable. Once I was ready to lift, I stuck my old favorites: squats and deadlifts. They’re never not good for you. More variety will come soon.

Walk back home was the perfect cool down and I was ready for my weekly “decompress” night.


Feeling Fat and Looking Back

We paid for a gym membership all 12 months of 2017. Turns out I only went during the first six months of that:

  • January: 10 visits
  • February: 13 visits
  • March: 12 visits
  • April: 1 visit
  • May: 4 visits
  • June: 6 visits

There may have been a couple more in that last half of the year that I didn’t record in my workouts note. But I know I didn’t go once from October to December and it doesn’t sound like me to workout and not record it.

It’s a trope to be thinking about this kind of thing in January, but I’m getting too fat again and who cares what month it is.

46 workouts isn’t really a high number. Plenty of people work out for 40+ hours a month and that’s all I did all year. One real workout a week is 52, so even that would be better than what I did last year.

I’ve also been stress-eating a lot and eating sugar way more than usual. It’s systemically a bad time for me and my body.

Looking into changes but right now I more just feel sorry for myself.

Spray Paint Motivation

Spray-painted message in the YMCA parking garage.

“From this point to the Downtown YMCA front desk using the stairs, you will burn around 14 extra calories. Do this every day and that will add up! It’s my Y.”

A quick Google search says losing a pound requires about a 3500 calorie deficit. 14 calories every day is 5110 calories a year, so that’s 1.46 pounds a year.

Skip the elevator; I always do.

Drinking Less Coffee: A Project

Hello, my name is Alex, and I’m a coffee addict.

I’ll always be an addict. But for now I’m an addict who’s taking steps to drink less coffee. I plan to have at least two weeks of drinking nothing stronger than decaf coffee and herbal tea.

Earlier in the fall, I would’ve very much defended my addiction. There’s even an awesome CGP Grey video that says it’s okay.

But evidence began to mount that I couldn’t ignore. Baristas at my new favorite coffee shop told me I was drinking too much – and I was drinking nearly a pot of coffee at home along with all the coffee I had while there. My sleep was getting worse and worse. I was useless mentally until my 3rd cup.

These are not conditions for success. I could hear Tim Ferriss’ voice in my head all the time telling me to drink nothing stronger than green tea for a year (his advice to a friend who was addicted to stimulants.)

I’m not committing to a year, but I decided to start a reduction. My plan has been to back down a bit more every week then do at least two weeks of no caffeine at all:

  1. As much caffeine as I want until 12pm
  2. Up to 3 servings of coffee before 12pm
  3. 2 servings before 12pm
  4. 1 serving before 12pm
  5. No caffeine
  6. No caffeine
  7. ???

First week went better than I expected. I definitely found myself struggling in the afternoon for energy but wasn’t getting headaches and it helped with sleep from day one. Stopping at 12pm should stay around even after I add coffee back.

The second week I accidentally cheated. Because one of my favorite mugs is larger than most. But I didn’t realize how much larger. 3 cups from this thing is really more like 5. So I just re-did the 3-serving week successfully and sure enough I’ve been dealing with headaches, low energy, and difficulty with focus.

Photo on 12-31-15 at 6.56 AM
My enormous Star Wars mug. It drew me to the dark side with its vast amount of coffee.

Today starts the 2-serving week. I’m genuinely worried about whether or not I can hold myself to it. We’ll see.

I’ve learned a couple things already though. One, I really prefer regular coffee to espresso when it comes to getting a caffeine fix. One day Ber was out running an errand in the morning so I had herbal tea at breakfast and she got us lattes. They say there were three shots of espresso in that latte but I may as well have had a glass of milk. I just need a steady drip at all times, it would seem.

Two, I don’t hate decaf as much as I remember hating it. I think I just remember all the times I wanted a bit of energy and didn’t get it. But I’ve been drinking a bunch of decaf in the afternoons and it’s not been so bad. It just makes me feel old.

Three, I really am an addict. It was a problem. I should have dealt with it earlier. I’m dealing with it now.

WWWP5k: The Worldwide WordPress 5k

I ran the WWWP5k this morning and there’s still time for you to sign up! Wait, how does that work?

Any time between Monday, September 19th to Sunday, September 25th, travel a 5k anyway you’d like. Walk along the beach. Run on your treadmill. Jog with your dog. Hike in the woods.

Once you’ve done your 5k, post about it on your WordPress site, tag the post with wwwp5k, and publish it for the world to see. Need a WordPress site? Start one for free on

Since Automattic is currently gathered in Whistler, BC, Canada for our annual Grand Meetup I had the pleasure of running with about 100 of my colleagues near our hotels. It was a rainy and wet, but not as cold as you’d think! Having not run once since my last 5k in May it wasn’t exactly my best performance but I did enjoy the outing.

To encourage Automatticians to join in this mornings run, we’re making a donation to Soles4Souls for every participant here at our Grand Meetup. How could I pass that up? Totally worth getting up early.