CrossFit L1 Seminar

My own body scared me all my life. For the last two years, I’ve been on a mission to change that.

What helped me turn the corner was trusting in coaches. I stopped expecting myself to know everything before going into the gym: let a coach guide you. Stop racing around the internet for answers: listen to the coach who’s watching you right now. Give it the best you can that day: the coach will tell you if you need to ease up or pull back. If you don’t have much that day: show up anyway and let the coach help you make the most of the time.

I don’t know exactly where my life is going to take me: but I know I can help people with my own example. And if someone asks me what I do, I want to share it proficiently. So what’s scared me for the last few months was signing up for the CrossFit L1 seminar, the first step to becoming a coach of the CrossFit methodology.

The experience was incredible. I learned so much and everything I was scared of proved to be so different than expected, that I never should’ve feared it to begin with.

It was the right thing to do right now.

Planning out what’s next.

Update: I passed the test, earning my CF-L1.

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY