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Weightlifting Cheatsheet

I’m procrastinating real work, so here’s a project I made that I’ve wanted for a while. Alex’s Max Cheatsheet

In a weightlifting workout you normally do sets based off your “one rep max.” That’s the heaviest lift you can do one time, but is too heavy to do again without a rest. You don’t actually test this lift very often, most days you do multiple reps at some percentage of that max.

However, figuring out that max on the fly can sometimes be a pain. Cheatsheets exist but most have a couple problems.


The smallest plates we use at the gym are 2.5 lbs. One plate on each side means the smallest I can increment is 5 lbs. So a cheatsheet that doesn’t round to 5lbs is needlessly confusing… mine rounds to fives even if it makes for an occasional poor rounding error.


During the warmup, you may increment by 5 or 10% percent of your max, maybe 40-50-60 percent. But near the end its common to increment smaller as you’re finding the right weight, think 77.5-80-82.5 percent. But a lot of cheatsheets will increment by 2.5% all the way… I skip that until its above 70%


… its not perfect and I don’t care, I’ve wanted it for weeks.

Try it out yourself at

Or see the code at

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY