Branden Klayko

Sad news this morning. Branden Klayko, known in Louisville for his blog Broken Sidewalk, died recently. I never personally met him, but followed his work because his view of what Louisville could be matched what my ideal city should be.

Coverage from the Courier-Journal, Insider Louisville, and WFPL all glowingly praise his efforts.



Ber¬†last ran the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon in 2015, right after we found out she was pregnant with Grace. Ever since she finished, she’s been excited to run¬†it again. Today she finished the 2017 miniMarathon, after fourteen weeks of training.

I’m incredibly proud of her, and watching her complete such a big event really makes the last few months’ work and focus worthwhile.

Recently I’ve been thinking about life more and more in terms of segments. ¬†The first segment of this year was Ber’s half-marathon. Our family’s #1 priority since the new year was Ber’s training for this event, and we were all on board with that. It’s not the only thing we did, but it was the most important thing.

At work I tend to think¬†in segments¬†book-ended by meetups. My team just went to Washington DC and I’m now looking at the work I’ll be doing between now and the Grand Meetup in September.

What seems appealing about this outlook is that it’s okay for big goals, because a segment is necessarily a large chunk¬†of time. 14 weeks is a lot of time to get better at running. 5 months is a lot of time to get good work done. So even if every step forward is a small one, over the course of a segment you are certainly closer to your goal.

It’s a (mini) marathon, not a sprint.

Spray Paint Motivation

Spray-painted message in the YMCA parking garage.

“From this point to the Downtown YMCA front desk using the stairs, you will burn around 14 extra calories. Do this every day and that will add up! It’s my Y.”

A quick Google search says losing a pound requires about a 3500 calorie deficit. 14 calories every day is¬†5110 calories a year, so that’s¬†1.46 pounds a year.

Skip the elevator; I always do.

Hiking the Mitchell Hill Lake Trail

Louisville’s Jefferson Memorial Forest has three separate recreation areas and more than a dozen trails. One of their recommended hikes starts with the Yost Ridge Trail at the forest Welcome Center, until you get to the Mitchell Hill Lake Trail. The lake trail loops around Mitchell Hill Lake, whereupon you can backtrack the Yost trail to the welcome center again. 3.2 miles round trip.

Amber, Grace, and I had been meaning to go on a hike for some time and today had perfect weather for it. We really enjoyed the trail, especially how the lake sort of pops into view all of sudden.

Looking for photos of the baby in the hiking backpack? Check out the baby photoblog.

WordPress Louisville Meetup Tonight

The monthly¬†WordPress meetup is upon us! I’ll be talking child themes, Scott Gilbertson is going over image optimization, and we have another guest speaker¬†showing off some professional WordPress creations.

It’s a laid-back meeting with lots of opportunities for questions, discussion, and finding help for any problems you may have with your own projects.

RSVP to attend on the event.

June Meetup

Tuesday, Jun 14, 2016, 6:15 PM

Mirazon Group
1640 Lyndon Farm Court #102 Louisville, KY

12 WordPress Users Went

Come on down and talk WordPress with us for the June WordPress Meetup.  I hope to have another guest speaker come in and share a site they recently built.

Check out this Meetup →