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Team Owlbear Runs Throo the Zoo

Back in December Ber made her intentions clear. Once the baby was here and she was cleared to exercise again, she wanted to get back to running. She decided to run in the Throo the Zoo 5k, which happens every year at the Louisville Zoo on the 2nd Saturday in May (the week after Derby.) Her enthusiasm spread throughout our family Christmas and my sister, Julie, said that she’d love to come down and join her for the run in May.

Fast forward to the spring and the time had come. Grace is here and healthy, and Ber was cleared to run once more. Her best friend and running partner, Kirsten, joined the team. Kirsten’s fiancé, Cory, joined alongside her. I’ve been jogging and working out for several months, so I decided I would run as well (so long as we could get a babysitter – Grandma was excited to help with that.) Together we formed Team Owlbear.

It proved to be a cool, cloudy day – perfect for a race. All had a good time!


Finish Line

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Team Owlbear’s results

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

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