Your Consultant Should Know How to Migrate Away from

So you’ve hired someone to help you build a WordPress site. Good for you!

Then they tell you not to use

Okay. It’s not for everyone. It would fit most needs, especially if you can afford the Business plan. But for a developer looking to make a custom site for you, they may have their reasons to use another host. I’ll give ’em that.

But that same person says they don’t know how to use WordPress’ export and import tools?

This is no longer about vs. other hosting options. This is about them not having used WordPress much at all. Take their suggestions with a grain of salt.

If you need to move content from onto another host, there is a handy guide at You don’t need to know any coding at all, you’ll just need to know the right buttons to click.

To me, the very best feature of WordPress is that your content is never locked down. You can always export the content and then do with it as you please. That’s freedom, and that’s the promise of a free web.

New Glasses

Photo on 8-8-17 at 9.23 AM.jpg

Eye doc insisted on moving to shatter-proof lenses. Between that material and my prescription no metal frame could handle the width of lens I need. So here we are with the matte plastic. Don’t worry, I’ll get us a pack of PBR for band practice later.

“Tomorrow: You’re Hosting…”

By which I mean that I’m hosting, but Meetup sent me a reminder.



We’re going to be talking Gutenberg, and if there’s interest I might quickly demo the recently announced support of plugins and themes on the Business plan.

RSVP for the event on, and note we have a new location.

August WordPress Meetup (New Location)

Tuesday, Aug 8, 2017, 6:15 PM

659 S 8th St
659 South 8th Street Louisville, KY

9 WordPress Users Attending

The WordPress Louisville meetup comes to a new location on August 8th.## TopicGutenberg, the new post editor, is currently available as a beta plugin. Its block-based approach is quite a departure from the current editor experience. We’ll take a look at Gutenberg, go over how to try it out yourself, and how you can get involved with the project….

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Choose Your Own Narrative

The world around you is out of your control. The facts that govern your life are mostly out of your control. The actions you take are often in response to motivations and needs that are largely out of your control.

What you do control is the story you tell yourself about what it means. You can always choose to paint a picture you believe in.

The evil empire is rising all around, you can see yourself as the rebel waiting for a chance to make a difference.

Falling behind at work looks exactly the same as a restructuring of priorities.

Recovery and exhaustion both look an awful lot like sleep.

Food can be either fuel or a leisure activity.

If you don’t like the facts, give them a different story then ask yourself what’s on the next page.


My mind fights with itself a lot. It’s like playing both colors in chess. Your move as white, then on the other side of the board you counter it with the same ferocity as black. You always win and you always lose.

Sometimes it’s what gives me my advantage. I see a lots of sides to an argument. I’m willing to change my mind quickly. Once I know the answer I go one step further to see if I’m wrong. It helps me when learning and teaching.

Many days it becomes problematic. The war wages and my body can’t keep up. I’m thinking and thinking meanwhile the tension in my shoulders, my teeth start grinding, and I can’t type on the keyboard without my wrists burning.

That’s when I know it’s not about the problem anymore. It’s not about anything that’s wrong with work, with home, with life. It’s just a spiral that my mind has created. It’s worth trying to reset.

  • Weightlifting
  • Riding a bike
  • Walking
  • Showering
  • Reading
  • Writing (with a pen and paper)
  • Speaking out loud (preferably with a friend)

All these are my best bets to help the reset take hold. They are also some of the hardest things to convince myself to do. Caffeine and food almost always make it worse but they are almost always my first reaction.

Drum Corps International Tour Premiere 2017

Drum Corps at the Movies has been the kickoff to the Drum Corps International summer tour for a number of years, and this year’s was held on Thursday night, June 22nd. Defending champions Bluecoats performed along with Carolina Crown, The Cavaliers, The Cadets, Blue Stars, and Crossmen at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The event was attended live, but also simulcast to movie theaters across the United States.

I enjoyed the whole program and look forward to a great year from all the corps. But my take of what this show says for the season: it’s a good year to be the Blue Devils.

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