At the WordPress Louisville meetup this week I heard about a new tool, Engagely.

We were doing a bit of show and tell and one site had a member signup form and included a Captcha. The room groaned, as you’d expect. No matter how useful they may be, people hate figuring out those warped letters and numbers.

A couple folks immediately recommended Engagely as a substitute. This is a new piece of software developed by a team of students at University of Louisville. They recently won a top prize of $30,000 in the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development’s Idea State U Business Plan Competition.

According to their website, “Engagely can tell if your website’s visitors are human—without any scrambled letters.” To good to be true? I hope not. None of my current projects require member signup, but if I come up on one that does I’ll use Engagely for it and let you know more. If you test it out first, let me know in the comments.
Find them on Twitter @getengagely

By Alex

Web Developer and Fitness Coach in Louisville, KY

One reply on “Engagely”

Great news – my idea and Captcha’s idea of what it is to be human rarely coincide. You’ve got me trying to work out what the new test might be. My guess is it’s going to be jokes. Machines don’t get jokes.

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